Preparation for the festival Jūras Pērle is going on the full power. That's the first of the promised surprises. After concerts on July 31 and August 1, honored artists, producers, composers are invited to the After-party in the romantic format of "Theatric Meetings".  Starting at 23.00, in the restaurant Laivas. All interested persons know what this place is and where it is. Events are going to be more creative than gastronomic, as it is usual for filmmakers. While the gastronomy in restaurant Laivas is very good. In the artistic world there are vague rumors about a mysterious third party. And one more concert! No comments currently. The camera pulls away. Blackout. Behind the scene. It is commonly believed that the artists are tired with glory, always telling the same mantras prepared for journalists. But that’s not true. While in real life they are brilliant and witty storytellers. At the same time they are the most grateful listeners (if there is, what to listen to). To the attention of the public, artists are very anxious. After the third glass they gladly give the autographs to audience. After the fifth glass – artists start to enjoy selfies with fans. After the seventh glass... You will see.